Mushroom menu

Cream of forest mushrooms 
with thyme and milk foam 
Pappardelle with fresh mushrooms
Italian cured pork guanciale, Gran Moravia cheese
Creamy risotto with mushrooms
and truffle oil
Fallow deer saddle sous vide
chanterelle ragout, pan fried herb dumpling, cranberry sauce

We always try to persuade our guests to step out beyond the ordinary and do something they may not even have planned to do while in Prague. Not that it's mandatory. But it could be definitely fun, and this time of the year offers a great opportunity to do something that probably was not on your list, and is food related: picking mushrooms in Prague. As we never forget to highlight, Czechs (along with the Germans and perhaps Slovaks) must be the world champions of mushroom picking. This is definitely a cultural phenomenon not shared by all the cultures.


Mushroom picking turns into a craze especially during the fall season, with popular daily newspapers dedicating multipage inserts to the best mushrooms, the best locations where to find them, and the best recipes how to cook them.

Nevertheless, people do love picking mushrooms. Not really an adrenaline-packed activity, we would liken mushroom picking to a blend of fishing and golfing: you get to walk through beautiful surroundings while waiting for the perfect "catch". The best time to go is early in the morning, especially after a night rain. And preferably on a working day to avoid the crowds of other mushroom pickers. If you have a morning to spare and do something really local and different, we think mushroom picking is the activity for you.

Don't have a full morning to spare? No problem. You can still get a taste of how we use freshly picked mushrooms at our Aquarius Restaurant. Our Executive chef František Mizerovský prepared several dishes made from the only preshly picked local mushrooms.